About Aed Dubh

I’ve been a Pagan for more than 30 years now, slowly moving from eclectic Wicca to hard polytheism with (an evolving) balance between devotion and personal path.  Still eclectic, though- Brigid has my heart, Simbi Andezo my head; I also have connections with Sulis, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Papa Legba, and others.  I’m a member of the Universal Temple of Spirits, a celebratory and devotional group working in the Global Spirits trance-possessory tradition.  I’m a long-time member of the Free Spirit Alliance, and have attended most of the Free Spirit Gatherings (and I was on staff there from about 2000 to 2015).

I have earned a Certificate of Continuing Education (with a concentration in Text, Tradition and Interpretation) from Cherry Hill Seminary.  I don’t claim that this makes me anything special (and anyway, the post of Pagan Pope has been claimed by at least one other person), but it was a lot of hard work, a very fulfilling experience, and I’m pretty proud of myself.  I may go back there (or elsewhere) someday for an MDiv, but it’s not in the cards right now.

I write poetry, and have had it published in Witches and Pagans, NewWitch and PanGaia magazines, and on Bat Conservation International‘s now sadly defunct poetry page (amongst other places).  Some people have liked my stuff enough that it ends up on their websites.  I’ve also self-published a book of my poems, which (not coincidentally) has the same title as this blog.  I’ve also started writing book reviews for Witches and Pagans… we’ll see where that goes; it’s been fun so far!

I live in Northern Virginia with my beloved Monster Alice; we have a small house that is apparently made of books and craft supplies, and obviously held together with pet hair.

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