The Earth Shapers

Last night, I celebrated Imbolc in my usual fashion- lighting candles and and praying at my various Brigid shrines, offering Her whiskey, praying and praising, and (last but not least) starting this year’s batch of Brigid’s Mead.  Meanwhile, Monster Alice (not a devotee but sympathetic) was busily cooking while listening to Irish music… it seemed appropriate.

One of the devotionals I do is to read a story by Ella Young, called The Earth Shapers.  It’s a lovely piece- a Pagan creation myth for Eire.  Towards the beginning, Brigid says:  “I am going to put my mantle round the Earth because it has dreamed of beauty.”  This story resonates so strongly with me that I have a hard time reading it aloud…

Happy and blessed Imbolc!

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