Prayer to Brigid

Your hands on mine, Your flame surrounding me,
I ache with the sunlit joy of Your presence.
Bright Star of the Morning, teach me to be still,
To be steady, to faintly follow Your path
Heralding the dawn, drawing up the sun
From the gentle mantle of the night.
Let me find the ways to be aidful in places
Of pain, whether strength of arm or back or will
Is needed; or instead (deceptively simple) to be
Silent, calm, standing there steadfast,
A guidepost, a mirror, a warm hand in darkness
Or cool water from the well on lips or brow.



It comes this time as a burning word, in
No script I know, landing foursquare, feverbright
Somewhere behind my eyes. Unseen, a lambent
Absence; around it my thoughts swirl, the work
Of the day in abeyance, while I observe,
Hesitant, a lone walker on a known shore,
Struck staring at the opaque waves, drawn
By a call from deep between the crash and
Hiss back of surf, below the surface
Glitter and foam, nerving myself for
The shock and lash of the glorious unknown.

Plea for help! Banned from using the name Hermes

A polytheist artist can’t post his work to an art site because it’s an image of Hermes and the site is worried about the French fashion company suing them? Ridiculous.  If you agree with me, please use the contact info to complain to the site in question.