February for Manannan

The poem in my last post was inspired by and is part of this offering.

Gangleri's Grove

I”ve decided to dedicate the month of February to Manannan Mac Lir. Every day I shall post something for or about Him: prayers, recipes (if i can find it, I have a killer incense recipe), poems, images, etc. He will be honored in some way every god damned day.  I encourage anyone who would like to participate to post on their own blogs, or to email me whatever you have for Him, and I will host it here.


When our statues, shrines, and holy places are vandalized by Christians or anyone else, let veneration of the Powers increase a thousand fold. Let that be the result each and every time. Our voices will not be silenced. We will not be intimidated out of our devotion. Let the end result be more of exactly what these bastards wanted to stop.

Hail Manannan.

Hail this God in His power.

Now and Always.

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Poem for Manannán

Son of the Sea

The first wave reaches further than
You would think; your feet are wet.
The way is open.

The second whispers along the strand;
Your ears strain to follow voices.
You hear answers.

The third rolls muted thunder
As it falls, passing up the beach
Like chariot wheels.

Four, five, six- they draw you
In and out, away from land.
Salt spray whirls.

Seven, eight- they sing the world anew:
Scent of flowers, water clearing to show
Land under wave.

The ninth towers- colors blending,
Indescribable- and subsides, dawn-silent.
He is here.

Solas Bhríde – a new sanctuary for St. Brigid

A fellow devotee sent me this: Solas Bhríde – unfolding the legacy of St Brigid.

It looks like a lovely and powerful place, and the faith, devotion and joy radiating off the Brigidine Sisters in the video is is inspirational. As a follower of Brigid, I have to remember that her face as Saint is important, even though that aspect of her doesn’t figure in my devotion.

I need to get to Kildare one of these days, though…

Beannaithe Imbolc, everyone!