A Theological Glossary

A very useful rundown. I’ve heard Panentheism defined a bit differently- IIRC, the belief that the divine interpenetrates the Universe, but also extends beyond it.

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Here are the definitions of the various Theisms and related technical terms as I understand them, with links to Dictionary.com for comparison, when available. Some of these refer to specific movements historically (or at least, they started there), whereas others refer to more general concepts that occur throughout the world. Some of them may be also used as identity labels. The definitions as I give them below describe the concepts themselves, rather than describing people, or experiences.

Theism – Belief in divinity, i.e. God.

Deism – a Rationalist belief in divinity exclusive of the supernatural. i.e. God as First Cause, that which prompted the Big Bang and defined the natural laws of the Universe, but does not intervene outside of those laws.

Atheism – Not believing in divinity, or, more strenuously, a belief that there is no divinity.

Nontheistic – Not involving belief in divinity one way or the other…

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