Prayer Poem for the Dagda

Back around Samhain last year, there was this “Gods Graves” thing… one of my colleagues has a succinct description of it (along with his own response) here, so I won’t go into it too deeply.  At the time I basically filed it under the “college kids being asshats and trolling for a reaction” category.  None of my spirits/deities seemed up in arms about it at the time, so I basically forgot about it.

Then I got a reminder that Sannion and Galina, the hosts of the Wyrd Ways Radio podcast, had decided to use their January 1st show to read aloud prayers and poems written for as many of the Gods from the graveyard as they could get submissions for.  I looked through the list of deities and saw the Dagda listed there.  I have no personal connection to Him, but he is Brigid’s father, so I decided to sleep on it.

The next morning, right after I got to work, the words came, very insistently.  It was a little awkward since I was sitting with one of the consultants, but I managed to get them out and down, and with a little research, came up with this:

Prayer to the Dagda

Praise to the power of the all-skilled one,
The good god, generous giver,
Kindly keeper of the Undry Cauldron;
All-father, folk-warden, wizard,
Harpist of the seasons, battle lord;
Bawdy laugher, deep drinker,
Cunning clown; Morrigan’s lover,
Father of Brigid, lord of the Brugh,
Beautiful god, sun-halter.
Ruadh Rofesa,
Eochaid Ollathair,
Aed Abaid Essa Ruaid.
Hail to the Dagda!

They didn’t end up using it- but the one they did read was better, IMHO.  I recommend listening to the podcast… it’s powerful and moving.

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