A poem, for a change

To give everyone a break from my autobiographical ramblings (and since I did intend this as one of the purposes of this blog), here’s a poem from some time ago:

Tide and Fire

When the spark catches, the spiral
Begins to coil, the wash of glow
Shimmers in my head- this moment,
Chain of moments, I feel in the grip
Of a tide:  floating on a surface,
Uplifted by the ninth wave; peril
Of the helpless, loss of the bottom
Beneath my feet, obscured by shadows
Below.  The spell on me, I cannot give in-
Mere surrender drags me down.
I must poise, move with and in,
Let the fire burn out, along, down
Nerves, onto page, wondering that smoke
Does not follow my pen’s course, while
Thunder crashes, foam flies, the surge
Swells and then subsides, leaving me
To float, rest, and be thankful.

– 3/16/2008

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